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Enter the Gungeon Creators Reveal Evil, Gun-Ridden Wasteland Was Inspired By Texas

AUSTIN, Texas — Creators of Enter the Gungeon, the notoriously-difficult indie roguelike pitting players against five randomly-generated floors of peril, revealed a key tidbit of lore today, that the evil, gun-ridden wasteland was inspired by the state of Texas.

“We needed to code a sinister, dank pit that you could die in at any moment,” said designer Dave Crooks. “Our minds immediately went to Texas. Initially the game was going to actually take place in Texas, with players going deeper and deeper south with each cleared floor, but we decided to make a cutesy indie game instead of an immersive horror game. We had to eventually tone it down though, because when we styled the game after Texas, it became way too easy to get a gun in-game.”

The game’s fans seemed delighted to learn the new tidbit of lore to the game’s development.

“Now that I hear it, it totally makes complete sense,” Enter the Gungeon player Mark Plumowitz said. “After putting over 700 hours into the game, I can see other ways Texas clearly influenced the Gungeon’s setting. For instance, all the people that inhabit the Gungeon seem either completely insane or just downright evil. Texas. Also no matter what high-ranking person gets defeated, another larger more difficult person steps in to take their place. Texas. Every single thing in the game exists for the sole purpose of shooting you to death. Texas.”

“And yeah, you might be thinking, aren’t there also people in Texas who aren’t evil, and are just trying to make it to the next day?” he added. “You’re describing the player character.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbot weighed in on his state’s portrayal in the game.

“We’re glad that Texas finally has a video game counterpart,” Abbot said. “Finally someone was able to capture the high-stakes, rootin’ tootin’ and shootin’ that I’ve been borned and raised through. I don’t agree with all the fancy colors of the game, but at least they seem to value the second amendment in that there Gungeon. Amen.” 

At press time, Enter the Gungeon creators scared and challenged fans by announcing they were working on a nearly-unbeatable DLC based on New Jersey.

Hey guess what? This is sponsored by Devolver Digital! That means you can head to Steam right now and play Enter the Gungeon to experience the excitement of being in Texas without having to actually go there. It’s very fun.

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