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Devolver Digital Teases ‘Anger Foot’ Sequels ‘Depression Foot’ and ‘Bargaining Foot’

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Following the announcement of indie action game Anger Foot, Devolver Digital and developer Free Lives have released teasers for two sequels Depression Foot and Bargaining Foot.

“We realized that anger is just one of the five key emotions in the stages of our foot story,” said Free Lives developer Robbie Fraser. “First, we wanted to release a sequel to Anger Foot, where after all the carnage of the first game has subsided, players use their foot to make hypothetical deals with God in order to solve what ails them. They plead and beg a higher power and themselves that if all this carnage will end, they will make benevolent changes in the future. Of course, mortals have nothing to offer God, other than a good kick, so the game’s ending is a cliffhanger to lead into the next stage of the Foot saga.”

Fraser went on to provide insight into the details of Depression Foot.

“After your body can summon no more rage and God has ignored your worthless haggling, your foot sinks — and stinks — into a deep depression,” Fraser said. “Then, players will get to play a high-octane action game consisting of trying to find a reason to keep living while they ponder how, if there even is a God, He could ignore the plight of a helpless kicker. Then players kick through doors of therapists offices and self-help groups until they reach a sense of inner peace in their lower-body endeavors. Anger Foot tasked gamers with kicking down thugs and gunmen, but Depression Foot will make them kick their toughest enemy yet: their own self actualization.”

Those who play-tested the new installments were reportedly haunted by the accurate depiction of foot-based grief.

Anger Foot was a fun, fast-paced game that had a unique core kicking mechanic, but these new games made me sit down and think about why I felt the need to kick in the first place,” said beta tester Mark Hamlisch. “I enjoyed plowing through hoards of nameless goons in the first game, but the two sequels made me reflect on the carnage and wonder if there would ever be an end to this cycle of violence. Finishing Anger Foot made me want to drink an energy drink and play again, but finishing the sequels made me want to weep in my mother’s legs.”

At press time, sources reported that Devolver Digital refused to admit that a prequel to their original game called Denial Foot even exists.

Hey, big surprise incoming: this article is sponsored by Devolver Digital. You should check out the demo for Anger Foot right now on Steam because it looks rad and you’re gonna wanna know play all through Acceptance Foot.