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5 Warning Signs You’ve Contracted Anger Foot

Earlier this year, developer Free Lives announced Anger Foot, a stylized dramatization of the epidemic that has swept the country in the last few years. Some have criticized the tone of the game, claiming it’s making light of a very serious subject, while others have praised it for raising awareness of a relatively underreported disease.

We here at Hard Drive agree with the latter, and applaud the upcoming release for highlighting a condition that is not being taken nearly seriously enough. In an effort to do our part, we present to you five warning signs you may have contracted anger foot.

#5 — Rage

While it may be a bit obvious to warn of rage being an early sign of anger foot, it cannot be over stated. If you find yourself growing angrier than normal, keep an eye on your feet!

#4 — Kicking in Doors

Something more specific to look for is an insatiable urge to enter doors not by lock and key, or the conventional rotating of a knob, but instead using your giant, angry foot to kick doors down forcibly, with the assumption of violence awaiting on the other side. 

#3 — Feel Anger in Foot 

If the emotions of your everyday life start to manifest into a throbbing, burning, swelling of the foot, that is more than likely anger foot and you ought to contact your podiatrist immediately.

#2 — Daydreams of Kicking Doors 

If you’re not only kicking in most to all of the doors you’re encountering (with or without a large, moody foot), but you find your waking thoughts being occupied with fantasies of bigger and more complicated doors you can kick in, that is generally considered an indicator of early onset anger foot, and we really recommend seeing someone.

#1 — Loss of Appetite 

Feeling hungry? Probably got anger foot, dude. 

Anyone experience two or more of these symptoms should seek out medical help immediately. Everyone else, put Anger Foot on your wishlist. Looks pretty fun! Andwe’re not just saying that because this article is sponsored by Devolver Digital — but it is, so try not to kick our goddamn doors down.


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