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Detective Pikachu Turns in Gun and Badge after Volt Tackling an Innocent Civilian

RYME CITY — World renowned Detective Pikachu has turned in his gun and badge to the Ryme City Police Department (RCPD) after mistakenly Volt Tacking an innocent civilian. 

“It is with great sadness that we will be dismissing Detective Pikachu from the force,” said Officer Jenny in a press briefing yesterday. “At 11:49 last night, an ordinary citizen named Wesley Walker was mistaken as a suspect in a poison sting operation. Unaware of this, Detective Pikachu Volt Tackled Walker, inflicting 90 HP damage and a 10% chance of paralysis. Needless to say, it hit Wes pretty hard.”

Since the incident last night, protesters have gathered outside of RCPD Headquarters. Gina Walker, the victim’s wife, leads protests calling for the removal of Detective Pikachu, and the defunding of the police department. 

“The law enforcement in this city just hurt itself with Confusion” she said. “The residents of Ryme City should not have to live in fear of being critically hit on the street. We might not like to admit it, but ACAB definitely applies to Detective Pikachu.” 

This incident is not the first time the detective has been in hot water. Back in August, Pikachu was accused of using excessive shock waves to subdue a pickpocketing Mr. Mime, sparking outrage from both the people and Pokémon of Ryme City. 

When approached for comments on this recent incident, Mr. Mime said, “Mr. Mime Mr. Mime Mr. Mime!?”

As of press time, disgraced Detective Pikachu has been sent to a daycare upstate for the foreseeable future.