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Delusional Gamer Swears New Halo Game Came Out Last Year

BUFFALO, N.Y. —  A wildly delusional gamer has concerned his group of friends by repeatedly insisting that a new Halo game came out just last year, sources have confirmed. 

“It did, I swear it,” said Ricky Rupert, of the alleged new Halo installment that came out last year. “It was called Infinite and it had free multiplayer and samurai outfits and they promised a lot more stuff would be coming soon. I played it with some of you guys, I can’t believe you don’t remember!” 

Despite Rupert’s pleas and shared remembrances, friends of his didn’t believe his claims. 

“Uh, okay my guy, I’m pretty sure If a new Halo game came out in the last few months of 2021, we’d still be playing it,” said Russ Beeler, a friend of Rupert’s. “Or I at least would have heard about some new stuff coming for it, or I don’t know, anything at all. He swears it launched with a free multiplayer and was called Halo: Infinite. Quarantine affected us all differently, man. My poor friend. I just googled ‘Halo Infinte forge mode’ and couldn’t find any evidence of that ever having existed.” 

Experts maintain that Rupert’s bizarre claims aren’t entirely unfounded. 

“On one hand, absolutely no one knows what he’s talking about,” said Laura Eaves, a games journalist. “On the other hand, if you look at the packaging of the Xbox Series X, it quite clearly has Master Chief on there. So this tells me and my peers that they at least intended to release a Halo game for the system at some point. It’s entirely possible that some sort of demo build or prototype made it out into the wild and into this guy’s hands, but very very unlikely.” 

“He’s probably just full of shit,” she added. “Honestly, I think that Master Chief is from Fortnite.

As of press time, Rupert was being taken away by state authorities while he loudly insisted that Halo: Infinite would be entering its third season next March. 

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