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DEALS ROUNDUP: Save Big on This Nintendo Switch That of Course Isn’t Stolen. What Are You a Cop?

Alright gamers, welcome to the Hard Drive Deals Roundup! Today we’ve got some SUPER DISCOUNTS for you provided you ACT FAST and AREN’T WEIRD ABOUT IT.

First up: you can get a Nintendo Switch with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle already in the cartridge slot and ready to play for the low, low price of $149. That’s an amazing discount of over 50% off! Orders are limited to exactly one unit, cash only. Better hurry because this is a real steal, but only in the figurative sense!!!

Next up on the Deals Roundup: we’ve got a used iPhone charger! Still works fine and can be yours for the low price of, I don’t know, five bucks? Just don’t link anyone to this article when people ask where you got it. Hell yeah, frugalness is dope!

Also — because of the current political climate and not for any other reason — if you are involved in law enforcement please don’t read my articles. ACAB! Okay, moving on.

For our third deal, you can save big on this JANSPORT BACKPACK. This like-new accessory is perfect for looking old-skool cool while carrying your precious belongings or distracting a robber who was actually after your Nintendo Switch. Hypothetically! You can have this for $20 and I’ll throw in some dusty old Ricolas I found in the bottom of the main pocket so long as you ain’t a snitch.

Finally for our MYSTERY DEAL OF THE WEEK, Hard Drive recommends this unmarked container of various medications. Statistically, at least some of these pills should give you a good time. I’m not an expert here so I’ll entertain ALL OFFERS. You have to tell me if you’re a cop.

That’s all for this week’s Deals Roundup. Swing by next week for more of the latest and greatest gaming deals, especially if you’ve got someone who can vouch for you!

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