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Deal Alert: Your Neighbor’s Mom Just Threw His Xbox in the Trash for Failing History

If you’re searching for the absolute best deal on the latest gaming tech, you’re going to love this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Your neighbor failed 9th grade history, and when his mom found out, she threw his Xbox Series X in the trash. Score!

“This is the last straw, Maxwell,” said local mother Junie Street, announcing the limited-time offer from the front stoop with the gaming console in her arms. “I told you what would happen if you didn’t get your act together and start studying, and I meant it!”

Street employed an aggressive marketing campaign to local shoppers, looking to move the hot item as quickly as possible.

“This is free to anyone who wants it, since apparently my son isn’t responsible enough to manage his own time with it in the house,” she announced, lifting the lid to the family trash can and adding the Xbox on top of the refuse.

Her business partner and son Maxwell, 15, expressed concern that the outrageous deal would hurt their bottom line.

“Dude, please just give it back. It’s not fair,” said Street in a rushed public statement directed at customers. “I paid for it with my own Christmas money. You don’t get to just take my stuff like that, no matter what my mom says.”

Unfortunately for Maxwell, the deal remains valid as of this writing — and his mom has teased another deal on headphones, if he doesn’t get his grades up in science.