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DEAL ALERT: Somebody Placed a Perfectly Good Copy of Halo: Reach Under This Suspended Grand Piano

Another amazing deal alert for retro and modern gamers alike! Bungie’s revival of the Halo franchise following Halo 3, Halo: Reach, was an integral part of its generation of video games. Its seamless, fast-paced multiplayer and powerfully emotional, yet tactically thrilling campaign sets it apart from other mediocre installments of recent years. Right now, you can get a perfectly good (and free!) copy of Halo: Reach by reaching under this large grand piano and snagging it quickly!

We were just trekking through the Albuquerque desert when lo and behold, we see a perfectly good copy of Halo: Reach just sitting on the pavement. Now, there’s no sight of that dastardly coyote anywhere to be seen, so this could in fact be the deal of the summer!

Following the red ‘X’ on the ground where the game disc has been gingerly placed, there is indeed a thick rope and a series of improvised pulleys suspending an ornate grand piano over the Halo disc, but it doesn’t matter. This deal is just too good to pass up. What’s the worst that could happen? 

Be sure to act quickly! Not only could this deal expire in a few minutes, but the rope holding up the piano seems to be shaking, as if someone high above is aggressively sawing it in two as we contemplate the fun times we had playing Halo: Reach’s SWAT mode with our friends on Xbox Live. 

Halo: Reach’s Infection game mode was also a great way to produce both some tense moments and uproarious laughs in local split screen co-op with a sibling or neighbor, and— OH GOD

DEAL UPDATE: Welp. It happened. As we knelt down to claim one of the most entertaining multiplayer shooters of the last decade, the piano came crashing down on top of us, initially obscuring us completely, and when the dust settled, we regret to inform you that we did in fact have piano keys in place of our teeth forming a large Cheshire grin. 

As we slink away into the sunset, a squished, crinkled accordion man, we can take solace in the knowledge that Halo: Reach is also just available on Steam.