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Console War Veteran Denied Membership at Local VFW

TEMECULA, CA — A local VFW has become a hotbed of controversy after self-proclaimed “Console War Veteran” Jason Karmanski, was denied membership to the organization.

“It just doesn’t make sense to me. I put in years of service, just like any other member of the VFW, and now I just want to contribute to the organization,” said Karmanski. “At this point, it’s a principal thing. If I’m denied entry, who will they deny next? It’s not right.”

Karmanski, a member of the Facebook group The 5th Playstation Regiment of California, claims he meets all the eligibility requirements for VFW membership.

“My years of service were honorable and I was the Commanding Officer of the Canadian Best Buy Blockade. That alone should qualify me for membership.”

Other members of The 5th Playstation Regiment of California have started their own campaign online to help Karmanski.

“He is the best Officer I’ve ever served under,” said Carl Santos, a Lieutenant in the SoCal Brigade of The 5th Playstation Regiment. “I’ve personally seen Officer Karmanski hide every Xbox game at a local GameStop without being detected. He’s a true hero.”

Current members of the VFW share a less favorable opinion of Karmanski, who they’ve claimed has been harassing them ever since they denied his membership.

“Look, Jason is a good kid, and we’d be happy to let him join if he was an actual veteran,” said VFW member Nick Harbon. “But this Console War thing is just made up. We have members who have made real sacrifices for their country. Telling people they shouldn’t buy one video game console or the other isn’t a sacrifice. Although I will say if you buy an Xbox you’re a moron.”

At press time, Karmanski was still being denied entry into the VFW, but had not given up his fight to join.

“The PS5 didn’t sell 50 million units because we gave up. I won’t give up until my service is fully recognized.”

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