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Cody Rhodes Selected as WWE 2K24 Cover Star Until the Rock Decides He Wants to Do It

NOVATO, CALIFORNIA – 2K Games has announced in a press release that Cody Rhodes will be the cover athlete for the upcoming WWE 2K24, provided that Dwayne Johnson does not become available prior to the game’s release.

“Cody Rhodes is a beloved WWE superstar with an inspirational journey, and we can think of nobody better suited to be the face of 2K24,” the statement reads. “Unless The Rock is down for it, obviously, in which case we’ll readily throw away a year and a half of planning in order to give a 51 year-old Hollywood star the spotlight that he deserves. But until then yeah, Cody. We loooove Cody.”

At a promotional event for the game, Rhodes expressed how honored he was to be selected as the (presumptive) cover star.

“I remember when I got the call, I was shocked,” the WWE star told the crowd. “I never would have thought in my first run in WWE that I would ever be on the cover of one of these games. But I’ve always believed that if you bet on yourself and do the work, you can make your dreams a reality. And this cover is proof of that,” Rhodes said with tears in his eyes. “Also, on the off chance that Dwayne does come back, WWE and 2K have assured me that I can be the guy he’s giving the Rock Bottom to. So I’ll still be on the cover and that’s…that’s cool, right?”

While taking questions from the audience, Cody was asked whether he was nervous about the possibility of having this moment taken away from him at the last minute by an aging former wrestler.

“I’m not too worried about it,” he assured the crowd after a passionate 20-minute promo about how America is the greatest country in the world. “Around this time every year there are rumors that The Rock is going to take someone’s spot on the WWE 2K cover, and it never happens. Honestly I was a lot more worried when Punk came back, but thankfully I guess the 2K team felt I’d done more to earn th-”

“Wait a second,” interrupted a 2K representative seated next to Rhodes, “…CM Punk came back? Oh wow, this changes everything!” They then quickly dismissed the attendees before beginning to scrawl a rough CM Punk WWE 2K24 cover on the back of the press release.

At press time, Cody Rhodes had just been announced as the cover star for AEW Fight Forever 2.

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