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Coach of Winning Esports Team Drenched With Bucket of Soap and Water

ST. LOUIS — After a heated Esports invitational tournament, athletes on the victorious Washington University Overwatch 2 team surprised their coach by dousing him with a giant celebratory bucket of soap and water.

“It was such a rush to finally take the number one slot after months of work, so we all got caught up in the moment a bit,” said support main Tyler Mailer. “We didn’t want to dump a big thing of gatorade on Coach Evans, though, because knowing him it would unfortunately stay there at least until next season. We instead wanted to do him and everyone else a favor and give him the closest thing to a shower than any Esports athlete has ever gotten.”

The coach of the team, Derrick Evans, commented on how it felt to be hosed down by his team after the big win.

“I was so excited by the victory, I barely noticed it even hit me. But afterwards, I didn’t really like it,” Evans said. “After the game, It was kind of embarrassing to be the only person at the event that looked and smelled presentable, but I am willing to make that sacrifice for the team. I was so clean afterwards, my wife didn’t even recognize me. Ha, just kidding. I don’t have a wife.”

At press time, sources close to the situation reported that the opposing team’s coach would force his players to start wearing deodorant as punishment for their devastating loss.

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