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Chris Pratt Cast as Next Door Neighbor Who Walks Around His Living Room All Day in Sims Movie


LOS ANGELES — According to reports, a movie based on The Sims is in the works from Margot Robbie’s production company LuckyChap. Sources confirmed that Chris Pratt has been cast in the film as the next door neighbor who spends all day walking around his living room.

Casting Director Jenna Cole revealed the role will change how fans see the actor.

“We wanted to cast Chris in a role that would be recognizable by Sims fans as a cornerstone character,” said Cole. “Chris won’t be a Landgraab or a Goth. Pigeonholing him into such a role wouldn’t be a challenge for his talent. Instead, we’ve placed Chris as a notable, mysterious, and instantly recognizable character: Dan, the protagonist’s next door neighbor who never leaves his living room. It’s a transformative role for him.”

Pratt is excited for the role to stretch his acting muscles.

“In most of my roles like Guardians or Jurassic World, you see a confident, silly, happy-go-lucky character with plenty of charm, agency, and charisma. But now I get to show my range by being an incoherent, inarticulate, bumbling fool. My house won’t have a door, a toilet, a shower, or a fridge. Dan’s only purpose will be in the background — constantly struggling and fighting for his life. It’s exciting, especially since I’m a huge fan of the series. I remember having so much fun playing Sims and stomping koopas as a kid,” said Pratt

Cole did confirm that the casting was made partly as a means to embarrass the actor.

“Yes. We want to see Chris Pratt on his knees, peeing his pants. Whenever the protagonist walks nearby his house in Willow Creek, he will be walking back and forth between the TV and the bookshelf, his red plumbob accompanying him everywhere. He’s already practicing his Simlish, but only phrases that convey true terror and monotony.”

At press time, several sources also mentioned that they’ve heard Pratt’s Sim voice and revealed it will be like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

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