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Chiptune Band Opens Set With Perfect Cover of Konami Logo Sound

NEW ORLEANS — Up-and-coming chiptune outfit RUMBLEPAK stunned the crowd at their last show after kicking off their set with a pitch-perfect rendition of the Konami logo, nostalgic sources confirmed.

“I mean, sure it was over in three seconds, but you don’t understand. It sounded EXACTLY like I had just popped Zombies Ate My Neighbors into my SNES,” said audience member Carney Winther, while getting a wistful, faraway look in his eye. “They nailed it. I felt like this was what God gave us ears to hear.”

When asked how the band was able to replicate such a singular sound, RUMBLEPAK guitarist Ariel Oliver was quick to give the blow-by-blow of the process.

“You wouldn’t believe the man-hours we put into it. Different instrument combinations, tempos, and volumes…” she said, beginning to sweat just thinking about it. “Musicians have been trying to cover the Konami sound since the time of Bach and Beethoven, and we were determined to be the first to crack it. For a while there, our practice space was like NASA during a botched launch. And was it all worth it? Hey man, you heard it.”

Officials from the Konami company are set to tap the band for a very special secret project.

“Well, we’ll come clean…we just flat out don’t remember how the sound goes, and we have a lot of throwback titles coming out that are going to need that vintage sound effect.” said Konami CEO Kagemasa Kozuki. “We figured it would be cheaper to just hire the group to come in and rip through thirty different versions of the sound rather than put in all the work to try to replicate it ourselves. You ever try to play that thing? Impossible.”

At press time, RUMBLEPAK returned to the stage for a one-second encore consisting of a cover of “that pig sound you could use in Mario Paint Composer.”