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Chess Developers Accused of Giving Queen a “Man Jaw”

Enschede, Netherlands — DGT, the manufacturer of chess sets used in the ‘Tata Steel Chess Tournament’ is being accused online of changing the Queen piece to have a “man jaw”.

DGT recently revealed their newest set and a contingent of players in the Chess community are furious over what they are calling a “man jaw”

“This is an atrocious tragedy and a blatant attack on our game,” posted Twitter user WhitePiecePower. “I always figured our game was safe from DEI and ESG garbage but I guess I was wrong. They took our beautiful, sexy, and feminine Queen and gave her a blocky and defined man jaw. This is a pathetic move to appease the woke overlords and we must fight back.”

“Why would they do this,” posted KingMe69. “The Queen in the old set was an iconic sex symbol. She had poise and grace, a nice soft face. Now she’s much more striking with a defined square jawline like a man. Are they trying to make us gay?”

DGT has defended the new Queen piece and claims there is no woke conspiracy nor do they think the piece has a “man jaw”.

“To be honest we have no idea what these complaints are,” said Dirk Jansen, a piece designer at DGT. “When we first heard them we thought it was a prank but apparently these people are serious. We wanted to update our pieces and we thought this new Queen design was more striking but equally sexy. There are tons of real-life women we based this design on. Nobody made us change the Queen piece and we’ve never heard of this Sweet Baby Inc. we keep getting threatening messages about.”

Online personality Pawwnz, who is leading the charge against the new Queen piece believes that DGT isn’t telling the entire truth.

“There’s something they aren’t telling us, most likely because they can’t. There’s simply no way they willingly made this change without being strong-armed by some DEI ESG overseer demanding them to make the Queen masculine and ugly. I will get to the bottom of this and we will get the Queen changed back to the sexy woman she should be and the best way for you to support this cause is to become a paid subscriber to my account.”

At press time, Pawwnz and the other players have moved on from the Queen piece and have begun complaining about the use of the black pieces in the marketing of the new set

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