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Bethesda Reveals ‘Starfield’ Installation Will Require 120 GB of Disk Space and Two Empty Rooms in Your House

ROCKVILLE, Md. — As gamers heavily anticipate Bethesda’s new sci-fi RPG Starfield, developers have revealed that a full installation will require over 120 GB of disk space plus two entirely empty rooms in your home, sources have confirmed. 

“Okay, that’s a little strange,” said local gamer Zack Coleman. “The big file thing I can understand. It really sucks, but every big game that comes out seems to think it’s the only one worthy of space on your hard drive these days. It’s a real drag. I have more memory than ever, yet for some reason I can still only keep three games installed on my computer. As if that’s not bad enough, I guess I have to clear out a couple rooms of my house? What for? I’m skeptical, but I’m gonna clean out the den and the downstairs bathroom and hopefully that’s good enough.” 

Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard confirmed the unusual installation request. 

“Look, this game has 1,000 planets to explore, isn’t that just ridiculous?” asked Starfield’s director at a press conference earlier today. “So yeah, with that, we have a pretty big install file. I think considering the amount of game we’re giving you, it’s completely reasonable. And as for rearranging your house, well, we haven’t said too much about this, but when players start to get far enough in Starfield they will have to order and install a special series of PC gaming servers we’re pioneering. Just some extra computing power to get you through the last half of the game. It requires two rooms in your home and it looks like a very old NASA setup. I’m afraid anything else in the room with it will be burned and ruined, including your pets. So please be careful when the time comes.” 

As of press time, Howard had closed his press conference by telling the crowd that he would personally be sending a couple of movers to any Game Pass Ultimate subscriber’s house that needed help making space for Starfield.