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Bethesda to Introduce Paid Bugs to Starfield As ‘Legacy Quirks’

Bethesda announced today that classic glitches and bugs from previous Bethesda Softworks titles will be available to purchase in Starfield as ‘Legacy Quirks’ under the Creations banner.

“Bugs and glitches have always been a core part of the Bethesda experience,” said Bethesda Games Studios Director, Todd Howard as part of the announcement, “and despite our dedication to making Starfield our biggest and most polished world yet, we realized that perhaps we made the game ‘just work’ a bit too well.”

Bethesda revealed this news as part of an ongoing initiative to reinvigorate interest for their newest title after a slew of tepid to negative reviews from players, citing the game’s ‘lack of soul’ and ‘boring gameplay.’

However, Bethesda believes that this new line of downloadable content will help sway those of their hardcore audience who felt burned by the studio’s uncharacteristic choice to release a functioning piece of software.

“Our hope is that, by reintroducing these ‘chaos features,’ we can imbue the universe of Starfield with some of the Bethesda Magic™ that we all remember from our first horse glitch in Skyrim. We still have nightmares of those messed up character models wearing invisible power armor. Now players new and old can enjoy those same experiences for a modest fee.”

The first wave of ‘Legacy Quirks’ includes several character-animation glitches, clipping instances, random loss of save-data as well as the loss of key items from your inventory. Controversially, it will even include the chance to delete the player’s console operating system at random.

The announcement brought with it a divided community, with some praising Bethesda’s attempts at placating their audience and others criticizing their reluctance to make meaningful improvements to the game.

“They really think they can trick us into paying them more of our hard-earned cash just to make the game objectively worse,” said Dicky Rickson on X, “but I’m not falling for it this time, Todd. No matter how long you stare at me with those dreamy, blue eyes and perfect cheekbones I won’t give in. Not even for the glitch that allows chickens to report you for a crime. Okay, maybe I’d pay for that one.”

While Bethesda has yet to announce the next wave of glitches, many fans are already speculating on possible returning ‘chaos features’. One of the most infamous recurring glitches in the community is one where gamers begin playing Starfield only to minutes later see themselves playing Baldur’s Gate 3 instead.

This one glitch surprisingly seems to have received overwhelmingly positive reactions from all players, as they’re just happy to be playing a much better game.

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