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Agent 47 Misses Obvious Pass Interference While Disguised as NFL Referee

FOXBORO, Mass. — NFL fans, players, as well as officials from the International Contracts Agency were incensed that while disguised as a referee, Agent 47 missed an obvious pass interference call that not only blew his cover, but cost the New England Patriots the game as well, sources report.

“How the fuck do you not call that” a furious DeVante Parker declared during a post-game conference. “[Kader] Kohou practically tackled me before the ball even got there, any first year pee-wee ref could see that was a pass-interference. Plus, who the hell was that bald asshole anyway? One of the line-judges just inexplicably disappeared during halftime and next thing we know this creepy dude is taking over for him.” 

“Half the time he just kept walking away from the field and didn’t even seem focused on the game,” Parker added.

Officials from the ICA were also quick to denounce 47’s error and noted the Agency’s commitment to professionalism.

“I’m not at liberty to comment on an internal matter, but I assure our clients that appropriate action will be taken,” remarked Diana Burnwood, a senior official with the ICA. “Our agents are trained to act with the utmost level of professionalism and preparation. They are expected to have a rudimentary of any profession they might disguise as and to miss what, at the very least, was a defensive hold is simply unacceptable.”

Reached for comment, Agent 47 defended his behavior as within normal protocol for both the NFL and ICA.

“It was late in the 4th Quarter, whatever happened to just let them play,” the noted Assassin asked. “First of all, any contact that might have occurred during the play was incidental and not impeding the receiver. Also, it’s debatable that that was even a catchable ball anyway. As for ICA, did they forget why I was there in the first place? I think we’re being a bit pedantic here.”

Agent 47 ended his remarks by stating he stood by his call and that this had nothing to do with him being a lifelong Raiders fan.