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9 Tips for Getting Started in Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is finally out and fans are digging into every inch of it! Before you start, though, here’s 9 things we wish we knew when we were dropping into Hyrule.

Press the ‘A’ Button

Many novice gamers will get stuck right away on the game’s first puzzle, requiring players to both find and press the ‘A’ button to begin the game. 

Sell Your Plasma

Hey, that $70 has to come from somewhere.

Make Peace With God

The good Lord may call you home at any time, and playing Nintendo’s amazing new open-world game is no exception.

Collect Every Single Material and Drop You Find

Every food, crafting material, weapon, and item the game drops will eventually come into play, so meticulously pick up everything you find, and if your inventory fills up: Fucking. Panic. 

Torture Koroks

The Koroks know what they have done and it’s time to punish them for their sins. Make them feel true pain.

Take Link Out for Coffee

Players can familiarize themselves with the Zelda protagonist’s controls and abilities easily by taking the adventurer out for a cup of joe and picking his brain for 2-4 hours. 

It’s Just Fortnite

Building, paragliding, shooting people with guns, dabbing. Fortnite did all these things way before Zelda did. Don’t even think about giving Nintendo credit.

Watch Copious Amounts of Detailed Walkthroughs and Guides

Make sure you pause the game every ten minutes to watch an in-depth video on how to beat every boss and puzzle to make sure the game offers you no challenge or thought. 

Pace Yourself

To ensure you complete the game just in time for the next Zelda installment, don’t even begin your first Tears of the Kingdom playthrough for at least five years.