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8-Hour Video Essay Gives Brief Synopsis Of 2-Hour Movie

NEWCASTLE – Dan Harris, a film buff youtuber has made an in depth video essay about 2023’s Barbie movie, however he’s decided to spend very little time focusing on the actual film.

“I just didn’t have the time to go through the plot of the movie itself,“ pontificated Harris, in an interview we had to massively abridge. “The plot itself is moreso a facade that you have to get through to really understand the director’s intent. If you don’t have the hours of homework done beforehand, it may as well be like watching blind. Also, if I included another second of the movie, Youtube would’ve copyright struck me to hell and back.”

The attention to detail of the video combined with its lack of attention to the film have caused quite a reaction within Harris’s fanbase.

“Watching a movie can be such a hassle, you have to really sink two whole hours of your time into it,” explained Quinton Gibson, who has watched the essay twice. “With a video essay like this though, I can just put it on while I lay in bed and not break a sweat. Then when all my friends are talking about the movie, I can basically say the essay’s talking points word for word and everyone will think I’m smart! Maybe I can even make my own video saying those same talking points and get a deal with Nebula..”

Greta Gerwig, who directed the mostly inconsequential movie, finds the video to be a breath of fresh air.

“Finally, someone who’s a fan of my work who actually gets it,” remarked Gerwig. “How did it take so long for someone to recognize the subliminal messages about Barbie’s role in ending the Cold War? Even Ryan Gosling didn’t understand his casting as a representation of toxic masculinity was a commentary on his reputation on the internet! Whatever billionaires of dollars the movie made at this point doesn’t even matter to me. I’d rather make a measly profit on google adsense if it meant people actually understood my vision! My next movie is canceled – I will instead put out an explanation to what its themes would have been on YouTube.”

At press time, Harris’s video was considered a disappointment for his channel as it seems most of his fans who were interested in Barbie simply watched a 10 hour reaction of his video instead.

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