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6 Year Old in Back Seat Youtubes “All Easter Egg Locations Grandma’s House Game Guide”

Modern gamer Brixtley Chambermaid studied up prior to the neighborhood-wide easter egg hunt his grandmother hosts every year by searching for clues on Youtube, multiple sources confirmed.

“I’m excited because I’m gonna play Brawl Stars and Warzone Mobile and watch tiktoks while I do the easter egg hunt.” said Chambermaid, to his friends on discord. “If I have to have one thought in my brain ever, I will not be able to handle it. Also, if I know where all the eggs are, then that means I can find them fast and feel good about myself right away. If it’s hard at all I will cry until my parents let me leave.”

Brixtley’s father, John Chambermaid, had thoughts on the culture shift from when he was a kid.

“Easter egg hunts used to be so much more fun before everyone had access to Youtube. Now kids these days all have optimized routes, meta setups, and half of them are live streaming it.” said Chambermaid, trampling neighborhood kids to beat them to easter eggs. “What happened to just trying stuff out to find your playstyle? Being unaware of how terrible you are at a game used to be half the fun!”

Youtube Game Guide creator, TheGameLord, explained his process for creating easter egg hunt guides.

“I just walk up to random houses, and if a grandma opens the door, I ask them where they hide their easter eggs,” said TheGameLord. “They let me right into the house every single time. It’s kind of insane actually. It’s like old ladies lose the ability to discern genuine kindness from obvious stranger danger. I’m a good guy but like, what if I wasn’t? Anyway, I map out hundreds of neighborhoods to get all these guides uploaded for my subscribers. Each video only gets like eight views because they’re only relevant to that specific neighborhood, but eight views across a few thousand videos every Easter is what we like to call a solid revenue stream, my friend.”

At press time, Brixtley was found Googling “All emergency pooping locations grandma’s vegetable garden game guide” after eating way too much chocolate.

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