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20 Delightful Photos of Shinsuke Nakamura Triple H Would Like to Show You Instead of Talking About Vince McMahon

In not so surprising news, Vince McMahon has been accused of some truly heinous acts which you can read about here. Turns out when you play an irredeemable piece of human garbage on TV, you may just actually be one. And it also seems like some story lines may have been him telling on himself.

With that in mind, we reached out to Triple H for comment and received these 20 delightful images of 5 time world champ, the king of strong style, Mr. Shinsuke Nakamura. We have a feeling his response was catered to our general vibe and appearance, rather than containing images of wrestlers the company actually wants to push. And boy, did H have us pegged perfectly. 


20. Look At That Face

He’s really going for it here, I like to imagine he’s pointing to the prison cell that is hopefully awaiting McMahon.

19. Kinda Looks Like He Stubbed His Toe

I’m sure Shinsuke is just in the middle of his famous elaborate entrance here but it kind of looks like he’s reacting to bumping his little piggies on the ring. This will help me sleep after reading about the horrors of WWE corporate culture.

18. Powerful

He’s really exuding unbridled power here. Just a marvel to look upon this man.

17. Fear Him

I like this one a lot because frankly it’s a little frightening and I’m here for it. The animalistic magnetism is really what helped Nakamura become an all time great wrestler — even if under-used by WWE (a company run by a truly barbaric man).

16. Man of The People

Sure, sometimes he’s a little scary but he’s also beloved. It seems impossible a hero like Shinsuke would work for the villainous McMahon. Though I guess technically he would have been an independent contractor since the WWE doesn’t want to pay for the incredible damage their stars do to themselves in the ring.

15. What Was That Question?

I can’t hear you people are moving things behind me can you speak up?

14. Please Don’t Hurt Me

Shinsuke please! I have a family!

13. Victorious

The pure joy of being the champ is a beautiful sight to behold. Unlike the face of that horrible gremlin man Vince McMahon.

12. Kick to the Head

Maybe if I like Nakamura do this to me I can forget some of the disgusting details of the lawsuit. I don’t want to forget the lawsuit, but boy, some of those details and images. 

11. The Classic

A look that never goes outta style.

10. Hmmm

This is a great one because you can color it so many different ways. Did he just smell a fart? See something interesting just outside the ring? Hear what his boss Vince McMahon was up to?

9. Long Live the King

All Hail King Nakamura

8. Showman

He comes to play and you can really tell in pictures like this. Nakamura is never one to skimp out on an entrance and get the people going and for that I salute him.

7. And Don’t You Forget it

He’s a champ through and through and you have to respect him for it. He didn’t become the 5 time world champion for you to just forget about it. Just like how you can’t forget about the lawsuit alleging Vince McMahon would name his white sex toys after white wrestlers and black toys after black wrestlers.

6. In His Natural Habitat

Nakamura thrives in the ring and he’s truly a spectacle to behold when he’s in his element.

5. Nailed it

What can I say but wow! This toy looks exactly like the real deal. Definitely doesn’t look like some forgotten Baldwin brother with some licorice falling off his head.

4. WHAT!?!

I’m just as shocked as you buddy. Pretty sure this picture was taken after he saw the leaked McMahon text messages. Oof!

3. Awww

I just feel like he’s proud of me in this one.

2. Had To Do it To ‘Em

We had to admire the signature move. A picture doesn’t quite do it justice but still, perfection.

1. Heavy is The Head

This picture is a lot. So is Shinsuke though. His flair for the dramatic and the theatricality of his whole routine is what makes him one of the best around. I think it’s okay to be a little extra in his case. Definitely not in Vince’s case though dear God. That man is somehow getting extra evil, and he was already well known to be pretty despicable. Thank God the Rock bought and then completely paved over the XFL huh?

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