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100 Mega Man Villains Who Were Rejected for Being Too On-the-Nose

Since its debut in 1987, the Mega Man franchise has produced dozens of games and introduced over 80 of its iconic Robot Master Villains. These mechanical enemies that grant you their signature powers when defeated have been as much a part of the long running series as Rush, Dr. Wily, and even Mega Man himself. And while fans have rightly celebrated their favorite Robot Masters over the years such as Wood Man and Skull Man, did you know that there have been countless potential Robot Masters that were excluded from the series due to being incredibly on the nose?  We’ve gone through the old pitch docs and conceptual art and ranked our favorite 100 of these overly obvious opponents. 

  1. Khaki Man
  2. Eats Salad With His Hands Man 
  3. Crappy Fireworks Man
  4. Hugh Jackman in Swordfish Man 
  5. Craig Man (known as Mega Man’s Older Brother That Dropped Out of High School and Still Lives at Home Man in Japan
  6. Bomberman’s Dad Man 
  7. Asshole Is A USB Port Man 
  8. Just An Ironing Board Standing There Man 
  9. Finger Mustache Tattoo Man 
  10. Verizon Wireless Employee Man 
  11. Backwards Baseball Cap Man 
  12. Paul New Man 
  13. Astronaut Having A Breakdown Man 
  14. Sauce Man
  15. Charles Barkley Man 
  16. Lies About The Things He’s Seen Man 
  17. No Weapons Just Spit Man 
  18. Asbestos Man
  19. Picnic Man 
  20. Auxiliary Cord Man 
  21. Civil War Man 
  22. Scalding Hot Piss Man 
  23. Uncle Grandpa Man 
  24. Dicks For Teeth Man 
  25. Sick Ass RGB Lighting Man
  26. “Actually, The Comic Was Better” Man 
  27. Just An Espresso Machine Man 
  28. Rambling Speech At Wedding Man 
  29. A Tub Full of Beans Man
  30. Flat Earth Man 
  31. Salad Bar Sneeze Guard Man
  32. “Hey, So I’m Doing This Walkathon” Man
  33. Went To See Amsterdam Man 
  34. Really Good At Whistling “The Impression That I Get” By The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Man 
  35. Old Meat From The Deli Man 
  36. Ass Fell Asleep Man 
  37. Christian Metal Man 
  38. “Ooh, Ouch, Wait, My Hernia!” Man 
  39. Makes His Hands Into Crabby Pinchers Man 
  40. Buries Himself Alive and Then Dies Man 
  41. On Bad Acid Man 
  42. Alan Arkin 
  43. Refuses to Use A Coaster Man  
  44. Disgraced LAPD Officer Man 
  45. Jet Lag Man
  46. Prefers Lethal Weapon 2 Man 
  47. Sweaty Clown Man 
  48. Revolver Ocelot Man 
  49. Laughs at Any Novelty T-Shirt He Sees Man 
  50. Sob Man 
  51. Just Woke Up Man 
  52. Electric Toothbrush Man 
  53. Teeth For A Dick Man 
  54. Spikey Head Man (would go on to join Slipknot)
  55. Good Sportsmanship Man 
  56. MRI Machine Man 
  57. Uses The Computer At The Library For A Long Time Man
  58. Depressed That He Will Never Love Man 
  59. Burning Twin Towers Man 
  60. Just A Lil’ Kitty Cat Man
  61. Constant Screeching Brakes Man 
  62. Looks Like Steve Martin But Talks Like Chris Tucker Man 
  63. Junkie Man 
  64. Knife Man 
  65. Powdered Milk Man 
  66. Asshole Is A USB Port Man’s Bratty Son Man
  67. Annoying Cigar Guy Man 
  68. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Man 
  69. Wiseass Talking Paperclip With Two Eyes Man 
  70. Loudly Sipping Coffee Man 
  71. Wants To Talk About His Tattoos Man 
  72. Lead Singer Of That Band The Spin Doctors Man 
  73. Injury Timeout Man 
  74. Beer Bong Man 
  75. Room Temperature Man 
  76. Packets Of Diner Jelly Man 
  77. Brillo Man
  78. “Look Into My Eyes While We Fight” Man 
  79. The Marlboro Man
  80. Cell Phone Accessory Kiosk At The Mall Man
  81.  “Hey What Do Ya Say We Take All This Back To My Garage?” Man 
  82. A Picture Painted On A Wall To Look Like A Robot Man 
  83. Tries To Fart But He Hurts His Stomach Man 
  84. Shared Needle Man 
  85. Takes A Bite Of Your Sandwich And Now You Don’t Even Want It Anymore Man 
  86. Notebook Full Of Weird Drawings Man
  87. Remarkably Average Man 
  88. Pig In Robot Costume Man 
  89. “This Must Be Some Sort of Mistake! My Name Is Glenn Washington, And I Am An Engineer From Phoenix! I Have A Wife And Two Kids! What Have You Done To Me?” Man 
  90. Pubic Lice Man 
  91. Lice Man 
  92. Pubic Man 
  93. Dolphin With A Gun Man 
  94. Inspector Gadget’s Brother, Terry Gadget 
  95. Line Cook Man 
  96. Crowd Funded Robot Master That Doesn’t Quite Work Like He Should Man
  97. The Actual, Literal Devil Man 
  98. Satirical Blackface Man 
  99. Spit Valve Man
  100. Running To Catch A Bus Man 
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