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100 Fan Games Nintendo Took Down Because They Sounded Too Fun

In addition to introducing many of gaming’s most beloved characters and franchises, Nintendo has also garnered a rather unfortunate reputation of one that takes legal actions to shut down what are very often very creative and promising fan-made games. From Super Mario 64 HD to Another Metroid 2 Remake, here is Hard Drive’s list of the top 100 fan games Nintendo’s had taken down because they must have just sounded like too much fun. 

  1. Mario Teaches Chess! 
  2. Metroid: Amalgamation 
  3. Captain Toad’s Half-Assed Adventure 
  4. Super Mario County
  5. The Legend of Zelda: The Shit in the Trees 
  6. Mario Teaches Laundering Money
  7. Pokemon: Sorta Black 
  8. Pokemon: Really Really Black 
  9. Super Mario Barbershop 
  10. Yoshi Gets Scared of Fireworks 
  11. Wii Riot
  12. Mario the Dolphin
  13. Zelda: About a Dozen Swords, Pal 
  14. Captain Toad’s Horrifying Bachelor Party 
  15. F-Zero: Hey, Not So Fast! 
  16. Samus Aran’s Underground 
  17. Enter The Matrix, But It’s With Mario 
  18. Donkey Kong vs. Capcom
  19. Dr. Mario’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit and Subsequent Divorce
  20. Mario Teaches Cheating at Chess! 
  21. Kirby’s Funny Trip to Burning Man 
  22. Xenogearsaga Volume 1, Part One: In the Beginning…
  23. Zelda Golf: A Link to the Clubhouse
  24. I Have No Mouth, But “Yahoo!”
  25. Fire Emblem Racing 
  26. Waluigi Land: Shake It: Oh Yeah, Ooh, Ooh, Yeah, Just Like That, Yeah! 
  27. The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Principal 
  28. Super Mario Dispensary
  29. Mario Teaches Cheating at ‘Mario Teaches Cheating at Chess’
  30. Luigi’s New “Friend,” Derek 
  31. Super Mario Pilgrimage 
  32. F-Zero: Flat Earth 
  33. The Legend of Zelda: The Thing With the Guy 
  34. Metroid: Intermixture
  35. Pokemon: Digital Camo
  36. Pokemon: That Regular Kind of Camo
  37. Mario Key Party 
  38. Diddy Kong’s Oddly Serious Party 
  39. Super Animal Crossing 64: Director’s Cut 
  40. Mario Teaches Taxidermy
  41. The Legend of Zelda: Mankind’s Mask 
  42. Kirby’s Disastrous Intervention
  43. Mario Blasts His Way Through Several of History’s Greatest Wars
  44. Wario’s Lonely Holiday Season 
  45. Captain Toad’s Super Bowl Party 
  46. Duck Hunt 2: You’re the Ducks 
  47. Captain Toad’s Hit List That He Swears Is A Joke 
  48. The Legend of Zelda: The Whine of the Child 
  49. Mario Was Missing, But It’s All Good Now!
  50. Metroid: Commingling
  51. Mario and Sonic at the Mall Hitting on Women 
  52. Pokemon: YYZ 
  53. Pokemon: 2112
  54. Star Fox: Something Happened to the Rabbit 
  55. Super Mario Walk Around the Block 
  56. Mario Teaches Advanced Embezzlement
  57. The Legend of Zelda: The Dude From Before 
  58. Diddy Kong’s Wacky Back Alley Dice Game 
  59. Captain Toad’s Weekend With the Kids 
  60. Mario vs. Donkey Kong vs. Alan Arkin
  61. Animal Crossing: Looming Apocalypse
  62. Yoshi’s Waking Nightmare 
  63. Treasure Toad’s Public Bathroom Tracker
  64. Super Mario Ice Road Karters 
  65. Another AM2R Remake 2: A Remake 
  66. Kid Icarus Game That Controls Well 
  67. Waluigi’s Studio Apartment
  68. Luigi Rides Mario the Dolphin
  69. Kirby’s Pickup Basketball
  70. Mario Teaches Hotwiring! 
  71. The Legend of Zelda: The Pointiest Sword
  72. Super Mario Maker Maker 
  73. Pokemon: Pee Pee Yellow 
  74. Pokemon: Poo Poo Brown 
  75. Mario Teaches Cockfighting
  76. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Mario 
  77. Captain Toad’s College Bender 
  78. Bald Bull in Self Grooming 64
  79. Mario Teaches The Difference Between Pound And A Kilogram 
  80. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind in the Front Yard 
  81. Wii Vandalize 
  82. Mario and Sonic Suspiciously Close to the the Assault on Nancy Kerrigan at the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Games
  83. Kirby Looks For a Place He Can Afford to Rent 
  84. Princess Peach Finds a Bazooka 
  85. Mario’s Guide to DIY Identity Changing
  86. Animal Crossing: Shallow Grave 
  87. Metroid: Smelting 
  88. Yoshi Gets Lost in Oklahoma 
  89. Super Mario Boxing Referee Training
  90. Super Mario Waterboarding
  91. The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Morning
  92. Fire Emblem: Watch Out, Guys 
  93. Mario Hides From Luigi on Vacation 
  94. Wii Drink All Night 
  95. Yoshi’s Convoluted Alibi
  96. Dr. Mario Fucks Around With DNA 
  97. Mario and Sonic Get Routine Physicals 
  98. Donkey Kong: Barrel Bullshit
  99. Stepmother³
  100. Diddy Kong’s Radical Race to the Grave
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