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Thank God: Uneducated Influencer Just Gave Their Take on Major Political Conflict

TWITCH.TV — Oh, thank God: a major influencer has just given their take on the ongoing major political conflict. If you’ve been waiting on how to feel about this conflict until one of the most popular, uninformed content creators gave you permission, wait no longer: the moron just weighed in.

“Uhhh, yeah, looks like the situation is pretty bad over there, chat,” the influencer said, 30 seconds into watching someone else’s video on the topic. “It looks like there’s some good people on both sides, though, and uh… yeah. That’s my thoughts.”

After getting past the first minute of the video, the streamer’s attention started drifting elsewhere, possibly  ordering food or something. At the conclusion of the video, though, the streamer seemed to have finally solved the conflict.

“So let me get this straight, chat,” the streamer said, before diving into a summary that showed no critical understanding of the video they just watched or the world at-large. “Why don’t we just put all of the conflicting countries together into one place, and we could call it, like, I don’t know, Country? I would think that would solve it. I don’t know. This is pretty complicated, chat. I’m not used to dissecting situations with any sort of nuance whatsoever.”

Well, that solves it! Now we know exactly how to feel about the current ongoing sociopolitical disagreement. We should simply all collaborate and consolidate into a single nation. Chatters, however, had quite mixed reactions to the visionary’s solution.

“Get this guy off the platform,” said user BigCupOfJ0e. “This is bordering on incredibly dangerous misinformation that can have dangerous ramifications.”

At press time, though, the streamer’s chat was mostly filled with users spamming the ResidentSleeper emote and begging the streamer to do literally anything else.