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YouTuber Can’t Believe He’s Getting Canceled for Racist Video from 2 Whole Hours Ago

DALLAS — YouTube personality David Patterson, better known by his username SuperVGMan64, has received internet backfire for his recent ‘sketch’ video entitled ‘Every Asian Person Ever.’ 

“First off, it was a satire, so that exempts me from any criticism or backlash,” Patterson said. “Second, that video was posted two whole hours ago, and I’ve changed my ways since then. Is my funny video about Asian people offensive? Sure, to some people — many of which have said so to me. But what’s even more offensive is that people are digging through my entire history as a creator to pull out anything that might not play in the modern age. The world was a very different place when I made that video, two hours ago. It’s not my fault that comedy doesn’t age well.”

Patterson continued his statements in a video apology on Twitter

“I firmly believe that people should be held accountable for their actions, and in the last 120 minutes, I’ve done a lot of soul searching,” Patterson explained. “There’s a link in the description of my videos now to a site where people can educate themselves about racial inequality, right below the link to my Patreon and my most recent funny fails compilation.”

YouTube CEO Susan Wojciki released a statement about the future of SuperVGMan64 on the website.

“Mr. Patterson’s video was not only in violation of several terms of service, but it is also an offensive, vile piece of media for YouTube,” Wojciki said. “That said, his videos regularly do better than Jimmy Kimmel clips and even old Key and Peele sketches, which are the flagships of our website, so we’ve decided to give him one more chance, as well as five or so more after that.”

Patterson’s apology videos have been sponsored by RayCon earbuds, and he promises his subscribers that he will be more considerate in the future. According to Patterson, fans can also use code ‘IMSORRY’ at checkout for 10% off their first RayCon order.

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