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Top 5 Ways to Make Over $1000 a Week From Home According to Our Comment Section

Everything has become more expensive, but have salaries kept up? Of course not. Don’t worry! We’ve found 5 ways you can make over $1000 a week from the comfort of your own home! All thanks to our comment section.

5. Become a Steam Trader

Based on the screenshot above, you’re probably thinking “2 bucks per year is nowhere close to $1000 a week!” That’s correct. Much like the claims made in our comment section, maybe not every entry on this list is legitimate. Who knows, you may get lucky and Steam cards for Dota 2 could skyrocket.

4. Make $8750 Only Working 12 Hours a Week

Let’s do some quick math. $8750 a week, 52 weeks in a year, that’s earnings of $455,000 a year! Who could pass that up? Plus, BizWork1.Com’s long time neighbor is making an estimated $15,000 a week. A week. Mr. or Ms. sa49 must be onto something. You’d be stupid not to copy and open their user name.

3. Make $8750 Only Working 12 Hours a Week

You might think this is the same as entry 4, but that one referenced sa49 as the genius making $15,000 for about 20 hours of work for seven days. This entry is for xb-24, who also makes $15,000 for about 20 hours of work for seven days. If TWO long time neighbors are making that kind of money, it has to be legit.

2. Make $162/hour Telecommuting

Two back-to-back commenters making, honest to goodness, $162/hour? That can’t be made up. That’s the kind of rate executives make and these two captains of industry of and are kind enough to share their knowledge with the masses. Both comments are edited, so you know they took the time to carefully proofread and make sure their information was correct. Don’t pass this up.

1. Make DOUBLE $162/hour Telecommuting

$324/hour telecommuting!?!? Unfortunately, we’ll never know how this is done. Whatever private villa Smask is working from, we wish them the best in their endeavors. We can only dream of being so lucky.