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TikToker Cleverly Hides Results in Part 2 Where No Human on Earth Will Ever See It

LUBBOCK, Texas —  In a cunning display of trickery, TikTok influencer Kayden_Cooks4U has hidden the outcome of his viral “Crazy useful kitchen hack” in a part 2 video, meaning no one on this planet will ever see what actually happens, sources confirmed.

“Welcome to part one of my video,” said Kayden, at the start of his video that presumed to show viewers a ‘super cool and cost-effective way’ to make soda at home using just tap water, flavoring, a fork, and a microwave. “Soda companies don’t want you to know this hack because it will put them out of business, but I got you guys. All you need to do is put your flavored water in the microwave with the fork in it for 2 minutes. The metal will shock the water ions into soda. Like and follow to see part 2 when I show you my results!”

At this point, the clip strategically cuts off just as Kayden prepares to start the microwave. Many viewers of the video, which has been watched more than 2 million times, left comments begging to see the promised follow-up segment. In one such comment, a follower of Kayden_Cooks4U explained he searched in vain for hours.

“I was looking for the results to this thing for forever and never found it,” wrote user TriMond0405. “This mf has uploaded like 300 videos since he posted part 1. I gave up looking so I guess I’ll just try it myself.”

Social media expert Steph Yasmin, a professor at Boston University’s School of Communication, says the proliferation of unlocatable ‘Part 2’ videos, which she calls “ghost results,” is as strategic as it is dangerous.

“Deviant influencers know that they can capture the undivided attention of an audience by promising awesome results to an outlandish experiment at a later time; it’s simple behavioral economics,” explained Yasmin. “But they also know that they can get away with obscuring or even omitting the results forever, since the average TikTok user has an attention span of just 23 seconds and little to no recollection of previous content after just 5 swipes. The danger comes when that one rare user actually decides to try the stunt for themselves.”

At press time, TriMondo0405 was seen duetting the Part 1 video from Kayden_Cooks4U with a clip of his parent’s house burning down and the caption “OMG PLZ DONT TRY THIS.”