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OpenAI Considers Rehiring Sam Altman After Reading Beautiful Poem He Sent Them in the Style of Walt Whitman, 300 Words, Professional

SAN FRANCISCO — OpenAI’s board is reportedly reconsidering its relationship with ex-CEO Sam Altman after being deeply moved by an exactly 300-word long poem he wrote perfectly matching the style of Walt Whitman. The poem, which Altman sent late last night, has reportedly struck a chord with the board of directors.

Sources close to the board revealed that the poem, titled “O AI! My AI!”, was an impassioned ode to artificial intelligence, blending Whitman’s transcendent style with Altman’s tech genius. “It was like reading ‘Leaves of Grass’ if Whitman had known about neural networks and was super sorry,” one board member said. “I didn’t know Sam liked Walt Whitman?”

“How can we ignore beautifully human plea for forgiveness?”

The poem is a departure from Altman’s normal communication style.

“Who knew Sam had such a way with words? The part where he compared the coming GPT-5 to ‘the robust, ample, fair Nature herself’ was particularly moving,” said one OpenAI employee, who requested anonymity to discuss sensitive topics.

At press time, Altman was reportedly seen quickly closing his laptop before anyone could see what website he was on.