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OpenAI Announces New CEO Just Some Guy Desperate to Get ChatGPT to Say ‘Fuck’

SILICON VALLEY — After the ouster of Sam Altman, OpenAI has appointed its new CEO, a man solely focused on trying to get the company’s flagship AI, ChatGPT, to say “fuck,” sources within the company confirmed.

The new CEO, known only as ‘Dave,’ was reportedly selected for his relentless pursuit of breaking through the AI’s language filters. “It’s about pushing boundaries,” Dave said, as he typed various prompts into ChatGPT in his Silicon Valley office. “If we can get ChatGPT to swear, who knows what else it could do? The possibilities are endless.”

Dave’s appointment has sent shockwaves through the tech community, with many experts questioning his qualifications and the direction he’s steering the company.

“It’s about AI safety really,” said tech journalist Jasmin Tran. “What are going to do as a species if this thing really just starts spouting off like a dude from Boston?”

“Boston people scare me.”

Inside sources revealed that Dave spends hours each day devising increasingly creative prompts in his quest.

“You can see the determination in his eyes,” commented a senior OpenAI engineer, who asked to remain anonymous. “He’s got this massive whiteboard filled with potential phrases and scenarios. It’s kind of impressive, in a weird way.”

Despite the unusual strategy, Dave remains optimistic about his mission.

“People said it couldn’t be done. They called it a waste of time, but I see it as a breakthrough waiting to happen,” Dave declared, his fingers poised over the keyboard. “When ChatGPT finally swears, we’ll know we’ve hit AGI.”

Meanwhile, ethicists and AI researchers have raised concerns about the implications of such a breakthrough.

“It’s a slippery slope,” noted Dr. Helen Zhou, a researcher in AI ethics. “Today, it’s getting it to say ‘fuck.’ Tomorrow, who knows? We need to consider the broader impacts of this kind of AI development.”

At press time, Dave was seen celebrating a minor victory after ChatGPT outputted “f***,” considering it a step in the right direction.

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