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Office Has Microsoft Teams Call To Share Zoom Link

LONDON — A group of employees at a multinational accounting firm were sent a Zoom link at the end of an incredibly short Microsoft Teams call, sources have confirmed.

“Hey guys, yeah I’m not sure if I can get my camera working on this. Can anyone see me? I’m just seeing a black screen” said Michael Chandler, Chief Project Manager at GWC accounting. “Yeah I’m just going to pop a Zoom link in the chat, everyone meet over there in a minute?”

When asked about the incident, Junior Project Manager Patricia Hardwick said this was an increasingly frequent issue.

“This is happening every day at this point” said Hardwick, whilst attempting to get rid of all the pop-ups advertising Microsoft Team’s user-friendliness. “I think we have some sort of deal with Microsoft, but frankly it feels like we’re paying them to fail to use their product and just move things over to Zoom.”

But not everyone on the team takes such a cynical approach to the company’s morning routine.

“I adore our little Teams meetings!” said Monica Spencer, one of the newer recruits at GWC. “The bright purple color scheme, the endless emails reminding me of the meeting, the login window which leads to another login window, it’s all the exact sort of adrenaline rush I need in the morning to get me ready for the Zoom call when we do some actual work”

The day’s Teams call concluded with everyone briefly saying goodbye, despite the fact they would all be seeing each other again within the space of a minute, and nobody would be moving from their chair.

Confusion about the office’s use of Teams and Zoom are a common occurrence, say many employees.