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Musk Limits Twitter Hate Speech by Only Allowing Slurs From Verified Racists

SAN FRANCISCO — Elon Musk, who recently became the owner of social media app Twitter after a nearly $50 billion deal, has cracked down on hate speech in the app by only allowing slurs from verified racists.

“Twitter is a public forum for free speech, and we only want to have hate speech from dedicated, verified bigots,” Musk tweeted today. “By subscribing, these racists are proving they’re committed to the notion that white people are the real minorities. Hate speech has always been a problem on the app, but I see this as a final solution. By paying to be verified, other racists will know that their discrimination is coming from an actual racist source and not some nobody.”

Verified Twitter Racist Michael Rymore, better known by his username @WhiteKnight4Whites, tweeted his appreciation for the new policy.

“I’m glad Mr. Musk appreciates the craft of racism and won’t let it be done by just any fledgeling anti-semite or xenophobe,” Rymore wrote. “Twitter is about to be a much better space with moderated, curated racism from only the finest, committed outlets of prejudice. Sure, the fee to be verified is annoying, but it’s only a fraction of what the Mexicans steal from me in jobs every year.”

Musk elaborated on why the new model will benefit the company.

“Twitter has a huge problem with hate speech — the problem being that it isn’t currently monetized,” Musk said. “I am a huge protector of the right to free speech, I just think people should have to pay me directly for it.”

At press time, verified racist outlets were reportedly upset when Musk tweeted a meme of a Confederate flag with the name of the creator intentionally cropped off.