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DIY PC Builder Also Getting Really Into Breaking Other Technology Around House

Local PC Builder Luis Ho is taking his lack of skills to the rest of the household, multiple sources confirmed.

“I was constantly dropping frames in every game! Finally, I built up the courage to crack open my case! With a sledgehammer,” said Ho, lugging shards of computer parts out of his office. “But it made me realize I have lots of other tech in my house I can tinker with! Ya know how you can’t see if your dishwasher is working cause the door is opaque? Everyone can relate to this problem. Well, I fixed it by removing the door entirely. I’m excited to turn it on and see what they’ve been hiding from us all these years.”

Ho’s wife, Lisa Ho, is doing everything she can to be supportive of her husband’s hobby,

“Um, it’s actually Lisa Browning, now,” said Browning. “I moved out last week. The last straw was when he put flashing RGB LEDs all over my vibrator. It was better when he would just complain about his crappy computer and I could just tune him out, but his incompetence has leaked into all other facets of our lives. I have a computer engineering degree and he talks to me about PCs like I’m from the 1800s.”

Ho’s favorite PC Building Youtuber, TechDawg, got wind of Ho’s ambitions,

“I heard about Luis after he posted dozens of incoherent comments under all my videos,” said TechDawg, deliberately deleting comments one by one. “He said he’s gonna put a graphics card on his TV to make it look better or something? I have no idea. I post videos to educate people, and this is how some people take it. I had to report his account when he said he was going to rewire all the outlets in his house into one, giant ‘mega outlet.’”

At press time, Ho was seen hanging from his roof screaming about how gluing magnifying glasses to the tiles will turn them into solar panels.

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