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Discord User Getting Way Too Personal in #general Right Now

PHILADELPHIA — Chatters in a local Discord server were subjected to severe social discomfort as user Aaron99 poured his heart out to whoever would listen in the #general channel. 

“I know the server is mainly for indie games, but I don’t see why I couldn’t talk about my problems, too. I’ve been going through a lot lately,” explained the disgruntled Aaron99 via voice chat. “My girlfriend is really pissed at me for spending too much time gaming, even though I keep telling her that indie games are the future of art. Now, she says she doesn’t see a future with me. I asked #general for help, but no one noticed my messages, so I tried posting screenshots of our text conversations to get more eyes on them. Well, everyone completely freaked out at that. Guess this community isn’t so ‘supportive’ after all.”

There were early attempts at making Aaron99 stop, with many users jumping in with random topics to change the subject. Other users posted large jpgs — anything to drown out the awkward written monologue taking place in #general. Eventually, a moderator had to step in.

“First, I tried redirecting him to #venting. I mean, we literally have a channel for this kind of thing. As a mod, I am filled with white hot rage when people don’t post in the right channel. People like Aaron keep me up at night,” wrote longtime Discord moderator Jetta23. “You put all this work into your channel list, and then everyone just posts everything in #general or #off-topic. Which I also tried redirecting him to. Eventually, I had no choice but to time him out for a week. Mind you, he’s not a first offender. He once posted The Last of Us spoilers without a spoiler tag, and then there was that time he broke our streak in #counting. I think he did it on purpose for attention. Some people just can’t be helped.”

Aaron insisted, however, that these misdemeanors were honest mistakes.

“I didn’t break that streak on purpose. I was busy watching porn and had #counting up on my other monitor. I guess I just got distracted. It was a pretty hot scene. That’s another thing my girlfriend gets on me about. She says the porn I watch sets unrealistic expectations of what sex is actually like. I don’t think so, it’s all pretty tame stuff. I just think if she really tried, she would be able to—” said Aaron, before being abruptly banned for breaking Discord’s terms of service.

At time of reporting, the Discord server had returned to normalcy, with users in #general excitedly talking about indie games no one else has heard of, and asking if anyone wants to get on Deep Rock Galactic right now.