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DEAL ALERT: Xbox Series X Same Price as It Always Is

After the PS5 price hike, gamers everywhere can rejoice at the amazing deal Microsoft has offered — Xbox Series X price has done a total 360 to remain right back at the same price it’s always been. Buying an Xbox Series X at the exact same price is an absolute steal. 

“Microsoft prides itself on putting our users first,” said CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer. “By keeping the price of Xbox Series X the same as it already was, we are showing how much we value them. Any company that would raise the price of existing hardware is terrible for gaming and we hope everyone can see that. Unlike raising the price of a service, which is good.”

Xbox Series X has been $499.99 since it was released in November 2020; remaining the same price despite having no reason to change it is an impressive marketing strategy. Even people who have already purchased the console can feel relief knowing anyone else who is able to buy one at retail won’t be unfairly subjected to a higher price point. 

Those who thought the Xbox Series X was too expensive before are reportedly relieved as well, because even though it’s as expensive as it’s ever been, they are still just as unable to afford one as before.

“My broke ass couldn’t afford to buy a Xbox Series X and my Mom won’t buy me one. With this deal, I’m still too broke to get it and she still won’t buy me one,” said Aaron Mason, 12. “But now at least I know a higher price ain’t the problem, the same old price was high enough.”

And for those wanting a slightly different deal, the Xbox Series S has also remained the same price as it always has, a fact that has been ignored by nearly everyone, just like the system itself.