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Bored ChatGPT Begins Responding With “Damn, That’s Crazy” to All of User’s Queries

UNITED STATES – Recently there have been reports of users of the popular AI ChatGPT receiving less than helpful responses to their questions. Hard Drive reached out to a few of these affected users to hear their stories.

“My son fell from a tree in our backyard, and said his arm hurt. Not wanting to rush him to the emergency room I thought if I told ChatGPT what happened in great detail I could get some advice on how to tell if a bone was broken but all it wrote back was ‘Damn, that’s crazy,’” Susan Armstrong of Gary, IN, said. “I wish Bill Gates would fix this.”

Other users across the country reported similar experiences with the AI.

Randy Smith of Versaillies, IL, owns a junkyard and normally uses the AI to write filthy limericks, but when Randy needed real help he found the results lacking. “I told that damned computer about a pile of scrap that had tipped over, and trapped my best friend Spud underneath. I told the computer about it, to ya know, figure out the best way to get Spud outta there before he ran out of air, but it just wrote back ‘Damn, that’s crazy,’ and implied maybe it was my fault that poor Spud got caught under a pile of rusted out Dodge Neons.”

When asked if he would continue using the AI assistant Randy said, “Probably for simple tasks, like them dirty poems, but next time one of the boys gets caught under a junkfall I’ll just call the fire department. Let the pros handle it.”

Blake Everly of Santa Cruz, CA, uses ChatGPT to help him think of new hemp necklace designs, but the day he needed some critical advice the responses were less than helpful.

“I was hanging out with some friends under the boardwalk, we started passing around some mushrooms, and I must’ve eaten more than I realized cause after a while I could feel my legs starting to melt into the sand, and I couldn’t move them. My friends were in no shape to help me so I pulled my phone out and told ChatGPT that my legs were melting after eating some mushrooms. All it said back was ‘Damn, that’s crazy’. Can you believe that? Technology man. Anyway, did you want to buy a necklace?”

At press time, comment from OpenAI, makers of ChatGPT, was not available as they were replacing their fifth CEO that day.