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‘Magic the Gathering’ Player Gets to End of Article Before Realizing It’s About Marjorie Taylor Greene

DES MOINES, Iowa — A local Magic the Gathering player reported feeling tricked after reading an entire article about Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene due to a shared abbreviation between the representative and the card game.

“I think the title was intentionally misleading,” said Cyrille Ryder, 28, who has played the game daily since childhood. “The article was just called ‘The Problem With MTG’ — what was I supposed to think? It’s the exact same abbreviation, and people are always writing about Magic the Gathering’s problems. Of course, I love complaining about things I love, so I clicked on the article and started reading.”

Ryder’s confusion didn’t end there, however, as much of the article seemed strangely applicable to the collectible card game.

“The article was all about how MTG was seeing a lot of popularity and bringing in record money despite constant controversies,” Ryder claimed. “All pretty standard complaints about the game. I was really interested when it started talking about green’s power creep. Or Greene being a powerful creep. Something like that. Whatever it said, I agreed as a red player.”

Cyrille Ryder felt like he had been duped when he finished the article and realized what it was actually about.

“I realized something was off later in the article when the journalist brought up MTG setting women back. That confused me, since personally I’ve never actually met a woman playing Magic the Gathering,” Ryder confessed. “When the article finally stated it was written about some congresswoman, I realized what had happened. I still don’t know who this Greene lady is, but she sounds pretty awful. I can’t imagine she has enough of a following to do any damage. Unlike green power creep, which has to be stopped.” 

While the congresswoman could not be reached for comment, her office reiterated her stance that all card games are “Satanic and un-American.”

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