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Magic the Gathering Announces ‘Frasier’ Crossover Event

SEATTLE — Following on the heels of the announcement that Marvel would be crossing over into Magic the Gathering, Wizards of the Coast has announced another landmark franchise will be coming to the Magic universe: Frasier.

“We wanted to to appeal to the massive cross section of people that play Magic the Gathering and watch Frasier,” said Kelsey Grammer in a promotional video for the new set. “With the upcoming revival and these cards, now everyone can keep me in their mind’s eye every waking moment they have.”

Wizards of the Coast is looking to capitalize on the trend started by the Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth release earlier this year by releasing cards based on everyone’s favorite radio psychiatrist..

“It was around the Lord of the Rings crossover that we as a company realized: we like money,” said Cynthia Williams, president of Wizards of the Coast. “Love it. Can’t get enough of the stuff. There’s an easy path to get as much money as we possibly can, and that path involves baiting people with cards of whatever TV show or franchise they love the most.”

“We have 18 different cards for this crossover that all revolve around Eddie,” continued Williams. “We have no idea what the cards will actually be, but we know they’ll have a dog on them, and people will eat that shit up.”

The Frasier set is one of many crossovers with different properties that Magic the Gathering has announced recently, with Doctor Who being one of the more recent IPs that have gotten the Magic treatment. Future crossovers include Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed, Neopets, Fallout, Alien v. Predator, the Golden State Warriors, Jurassic Park, The Crown, Jaws, and the Werner Herzog documentary Grizzly Man.

“We like to meticulously plan Magic the Gathering crossover events by looking at what’s currently trending on Twitter, and churning out about 50-60 cards based on that,” said Alan Johansson, Head of Development for the collectible card game. “Not to drop hints towards any future projects, but look out for possible SAG-AFTRA commander sets coming late 2026.”

As of press time, there will be a Secret Lair x Cheers set release next month followed by the next drop of My Little Pony cards.

Just kidding. They’re not doing Cheers cards!