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Host’s Insistence Party Game “Really Fun” Growing More Frantic

QUINCY, MA — New homeowner, Jessica Weiss, shocked guests with her desperate insistence that guests join in a party game.

“I’ve thrown plenty of parties back in college, but this is my real adult gathering. I wanted it to be fun and classy. I made the perfect playlist, got a nice selection of hard seltzers, and a charcuterie platter from Market Basket. I just needed a sophisticated social game. I researched, watched playthroughs on YouTube, and even went down to the Knight Moves board game cafe to get some expert advice on the best games for a mixed group to socialize and landed on Salem 1692,” Weiss said, frenziedly scrubbing a water ring off her coffee table. “Oh, it’s a great one, it’s like Werewolf, or Mafia, or Secret Hitler set during the Salem witch trials with additional mechanics. It’s super fun. You should play it! Seriously, you’ll love it!”

Weiss’ uncharacteristic exuberance the night of party unnerved the gathered guests.

“Jess is usually a chill and funny presence at the office, so I was happy to attend her housewarming,” said Weiss’ coworker, Carly Siskind. “Her place was nice. But I didn’t get to see any of it because as soon as I arrived Jess ushered me to her dining room table since ‘the game was starting,’ and told me I was her ‘anchor’ and people would be joining in a second. I was getting bored, but I could hear her bouncing around telling people to play, her voice getting higher and higher. After a few minutes, I got up to say something to some people and she screeched at me to sit back down. I felt like a mouse spotted by an owl.”

Experts critiqued Weiss’ approach.

“Passion and enthusiasm are essential for any host,” said Aaron Mulhall, Owner of Party Up In Here Events and Host of the weekly “Cardboard Crack Game Night” at the Banshee. “You can’t be desperate, it’s a complete turnoff. Never introduce a social deduction game in the first hour. You have to drop subtle hints, let them mingle, then see who is wily enough to suss out the witches in Pre-Colonial times.”

Witnesses say after a brief outburst and 10-minute trip to the garage to get ice, Weiss calmed down her gaming agenda. Guests eventually joined for a round, but left to refill drinks when Weiss explained the rules.

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