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It’s Time for the First Ever Pacifist Run of America

America is the Dark Souls of countries. We live in a brutally challenging world that punishes people for the smallest mistakes — and sometimes without making any mistakes at all. It is a system built upon pain and suffering and, as long as players work within that system, it is impossible to not be a part of its violence. That is why I want to be the first ever president to attempt a Pacifist Run of leading the United States.

For starters, we need to end the endless Modern Warfare that plagues our country. We have expanded far beyond what we need and our nation has an easy lock on the Largest Army card of the world. As president, I will end the CIA’s hacking through the invisible walls of other nations and let them play their own games for once. But this goes far beyond just foreign policy.

The American dream is the idea that anyone in this country can Git Gud with enough hard work. But for many Americans, that simply isn’t true. We need to make sure that our country works for everyone. We need to make sure that poor people, BIPOC people, LGTBQ+ people, and other oppressed groups all have the same loadouts so that they have an equal chance at winning the brutal Battle Royale that is America. 

I am the only candidate for president who has vowed to change our country’s settings.

If you are truly committed to a Pacifist Run of America, you need to grapple with the oppressive systemic violence inherent in our society. That’s right — we live in a society. But it’s our job to make sure that it’s a good one. That’s why we need a Gamer in the White House.

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Written by Ace Watkins with contributions from Jeremy Kaplowitz.

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