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Bold Truth Teller Open Minded to Other, Higher Paying Truths

YouTube – In an era when so many just like to please the crowd, one bold truth teller has declared he will always keep an open mind to listen, learn, and hear about higher paying truths, a teaser clip promoting a paywalled video confirmed.

Mark Gaines, a popular YouTube and Twitch personality, doesn’t care if cold hard facts are uncomfortable for some to hear, granted those facts can be presented with a framing that profitably fills a hole in the media landscape. Or come with a natural sponsor.

“Unlike some people, I’m not afraid to talk to the other side,” he said. “I will debate rates with any interest group, sponsor, or super high networth patron on any issue. Seriously, nothing’s off limits.”

“I had a good talk with the land mine industry the other day. We disagree on so much but we still came together on a price,” he added.

Gaines knows his blunt, passionate delivery of truths will result in what he calls “overly sensitive” people online coming after him and his paid Discord group.

“We need to speak together, with one voice, to fight this societal ill,” he explained in a recent video. “That’s why I’ve urged everyone in the 18-35 year old demographic with a household income over $100k a year to sign up to this petition and hit the checkbox to say you’re willing to receive promotional emails.”

According to those who have worked inside his organization, the profit motive has reportedly influenced Gaines’ content in the past.

“We had a video literally in the process of being uploaded when he received a text from a think tank and ripped the power cord for the computer out of the wall,” one editor who spoke on the condition of anonymity said. “He said that he debated their grant program and the marketplace of ideas proved he’d be saying the exact opposite of the video we just recorded.”

At press time Gaines had been banned from Twitch after realizing the truth that all of his followers should gamble via an online cryptocurrency casino.

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