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Why I Stopped Cleaning My Home the Traditional Way and Started Rolling Up All My Shit Katamari-Style

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m a clean freak. But since my boyfriend and I both started working from home, things have been getting a bit…out of hand. That plus two cats, I feel like I’m cleaning constantly. I’ve tried everything and nothing sticks. That’s why recently, I’ve ditched traditional cleaning methods and just started rolling up all my shit katamari-style. 

It all started when a friend of mine recommended a revolutionary Japanese tidying method that she loves. She explained that the whole purpose behind it is how cleaning should spark joy. It sounded like something I needed to try so I googled it when I got home and watched a few videos. What I saw did spark joy. I called her the next day to express my gratitude. She seemed a little confused and mentioned that I may have misheard her but she has a tendency to be humble, so I wouldn’t hear any more of it. I was so elated that it didn’t even matter. I finally found the cleaning technique for me. It was time to begin rolling up all my shit.

I immediately got to work: I rolled up all the shoes by the front door, I rolled up the dust bunnies under the furniture, and I rolled up a bunch of my weed into a joint and smoked it.

Now, the katamari method does have somewhat of a learning curve, but isn’t there with everything? Yes, occasionally during my after dinner rolls, some of the plates break. And sure, there was that one time I heard a faint meowing from inside my trash ball and had to dig my cat out. However, the feeling of true efficiency makes all the hiccups worth it.

If I had some advice for those who were thinking about bringing the joy of cleaning the katamari way into their lives, I’d mention that it is an unconventional way of tidying. I can’t count how many times I’ve run into a judgmental neighbor in the hall as I tried to ram a gigantic bundle of dirty clothes through the laundry room doorway. People at first may not understand. But once you get over those hurdles, you’ll start feeling like you’re on a roll. Just, again, make sure your cats are OK.