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What Are They Saying? Reactions to Epic Games’ Recent Layoffs

Epic Games announced a shocking wave of layoffs this week, targeting over 800 employees, making up about 16% of their workforce. Here are some reactions from around the community to the company behind the multi-billion dollar grossing Fortnite’s unfortunate announcement. 

Tristan Buchanan, ex-Epic Games developer

“What can I say? The writing was on the wall for years. No really, it said ‘We will fire you in a heartbeat if we ever feel like it’ real big on the cafeteria wall. So a lot of us saw this coming.”

Viola Michael, Postal Worker

“Oh my god that’s horrible. How is Tim Sweeney handling all of this? Poor guy.”

Elon Musk, Owner – Twitter 

“Look, the hat wasn’t on backwards, and even if it was, lots of people wear a lot of different kinds of hats backwards. I really don’t see what the big deal is. I have a video of me holding a giant knife on my phone if you want to see it.”

Justin Cain, Office Manager

“Don’t look at me, pal. My kid spent 14 grand on Fortnite bullshit, and now I have to work nights at Lowe’s. I’m sorry it wasn’t enough for you people.”

Cody Johns, Retail Employee

“Wow, a game company announced a wave of layoffs despite being behind one of the most popular games around? How shocking. Next you’ll be telling me some gamers throw tantrums when you make them play as a girl.”

Tim Sweeney, CEO – Epic Games

Will your story please make mention of the generous severance package full of V-Bucks we gave everybody? No one has mentioned that part. I think it’s worth mentioning.

Alvin Sutherland, Surgeon

“Who let you in here?”

Conor Morgan, Student

“I think it’s good that Epic has largely squandered any goodwill they may have once had. It’s so exhausting to like stuff.”

Kevin Durant, Professional Basketball Player

“I would like to be traded to a different interview as soon as possible.”

Joshua Buchanan, Entrepreneur

“As soon as my favorite YouTuber weighs in, I will let you know what I think about all of this.”

Norm Whitney, the guy that cuts up Tim Sweeney’s hot dogs for him

“Did anyone hear if I still had a job or not?”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, actor

“Let me guess, this is all Black Adam’s fault somehow!”

Homer Norton, retail manager

“Huh, that’s bizarre. I thought their unique strategy of hoarding exclusive games on a clunky launcher nobody wanted was their ticket to the top.”

Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader of the United States Senate

“I, uh… um…. I…”

Shane Kramer, writer

“With the WGA strike coming to a close, maybe they could all write movies and TV shows about how fucked up it is to be in game development.”

Tracy White, server

“It’d be really cool if you left so someone else could sit at this table, you know?”

Sidney Pruitt, a guy that just woke up out of a coma

“I’m sorry, Fortnite? Never heard of it. Who let you in here?”

Joe Chen, guy that puts Tim Sweeney’s socks on his feet every morning

“I am saddened at the amount of people that lost their jobs, many of which I consider friends. Those of us lucky enough to stay on with the company won’t forget you.”

Jude Porter, journalist

“Gosh, this must be a scary time for anyone working on a game that’s reached previously unimagined levels of success.”

Shigeru Miyamoto, developer – Nintendo

“Sadly, I cannot afford to hire all of the 800-some workers laid off by Epic, but if any of them can make their way to our cafeteria, I’ll take care of everything.”