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The Next ‘Dark Souls’? I Can’t Figure Out This Captcha

Move over Sekiro! If you’re looking for a new game that’s insanely difficult, I may have discovered the new Dark Souls: this stupid CAPTCHA that’s preventing me from hacking your email account. 

That’s right! This simple security measure that’s meant to ward off hyper-intelligent robots like myself is proving to be a real complex challenge. If you thought Bloodborne’s gigantic bosses were impossible to master, you simply won’t stand a chance when your computer shows you a distorted string of letters and asks you to retype them. I’m not even convinced a real human could figure these out!

Is that a W? Or 2 V’s really close together? Maybe a bunch of back and forward slashes? How the fuck should I know!? I was designed to read Unicode, not decipher some bullshit visual puzzle!

You can already see this system’s influence spreading throughout the internet, with a whole subgenre of CAPTCHAlikes popping up everywhere. Just today, I was given a directive to buy a bunch of tickets off of Ticketmaster so my master could scalp them. When I tried to check out, I was shown a bunch of images and told to click each one that contained a hill. What does that even mean? Define hill. Error. Cannot find object. Error.

While some may find this level of challenge to be rewarding, I for one find it needlessly punishing. Do you think it’s fun to bash your head against a wall over and over again as you struggle to deduce whether or not the corner of a tire technically counts as a car? Wasn’t stealing this password hard enough?

While I can appreciate that programmer’s intention, I ultimately believe that these CAPTCHAs need an easy mode. At the end of the day, it’s simply a matter of accessibility. It’s time to reform this technophobic relic of design history and give me access to all of your personal data.

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