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What Are They Saying? Reactions to the Recent Wave of Layoffs in the Gaming Industry

This year has unfortunately seen wave after wave of layoffs in the video game industry, despite soaring sales and more players then ever. We’ve asked representatives from all corners of the gaming world to weigh in on the continued job displacement prevalent in the industry that grosses nearly $50 billion a year. 

Earl Arroyo, Retail Manager

“It’s really too bad games like Fortnite weren’t successful enough for the guys at Epic to make payroll. They should have sent some people home early during the slow afternoons.”

Carl Ellis, Entrepreneur

“I used to be in the video game industry, but it proved too volatile, and that’s why I manage a cock-fighting ring now.”

Mitch McConnell, United States Senate Minority Leader 

“I heard Sony waited until the end of the month to lay off Bungie workers so they wouldn’t have to give any more benefit coverage than was absolutely necessary, and I just think that’s fantastic.”

Bill Wise, Unity Executive

“These last few layoff announcements have been great for us, a video game company that did something stupid and terrible last month. People can’t keep up!”

Jada Pinkett Smith, actress

“Let me tell you about the time me and Will Smith got into an argument at Six Flags.”

Milo Blackburn, Fortnite Legend

“Quit wayying off the tawented people that make my video games!”

Matthew Walsh, Bartender

“Wow, what a great year for gaming it’s been. I haven’t read anything online about the industry or what’s going on, but the games have been good, yeah?”

Lewis Moyer, Electrician

“I just hope all of those hardworking CEO’s can get by after they’ve reduced their salaries accordingly.”

Peter Stuart, Programmer (recently laid off)

“I just spent nine months making a flag blow in the wind convincingly for a game that got canceled. Please give me a moment to think.” 

Steve Harvey, Comedian & Game Show Host

“Now how the hell you gonna ask me about some damn video game jobs?”

Aaron Bowman, Student

“I don’t know anything about video games, but did you know the FBI assassinated Martin Luther King? Look it up!”

Jeremiah Waters, Financial Analyst

“Man it’s really too bad everyone stopped buying video games these last few years, huh? Maybe the industry will turn things back around like it did in the ‘80s. Fingers crossed!”

John Riccitiello, former Unity CEO

“I kinda thought I’d be immune from this whole thing. Now that I got fired, I mean, stepped down, I realized that these layoffs really stink!”

Jackson Reese, Copywriter

“Oh my god, I’m so behind. I’m still reading all about last year’s cold and unexpected layoffs in the gaming industry!”

Geoff Keighley, Game Awards host 

“I don’t want to spoil any specifics, but the ‘Best Layoffs’ category is going to be very competitive at this year’s Game Awards” 

Billy Mitchell, one-time Donkey Kong record holder 

“I could’ve fired more people even faster.”

Ludwig, YouTube Streamer

“Not really sure what you’re talking about but I’ve been playing this game where you combine little fruits into bigger fruits. Pretty cool!”