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What Are They Saying? Reactions to Dune 2’s Delayed Release

Warner Bros. announced that Dune 2’s release date will be pushed back from November 3, 2023, to March 15, 2024, blaming the delay on the ongoing writer’s and actor’s guild strikes. What are movie fans saying? 

Ronald Gross, Bartender

“Oh cool, this will give me even longer to pretend I will read the book.”

Dominic Clark, Electrician

“Looks like we’ll have roll that Pedal Bar I rented somewhere else on November 3rd.”

Wade Anthony, Unemployed

“They’re probably trying to come up with a snappier title than Dune 2. I bet that’s what’s going on.”

Todd Luna, Engineer

“Hey, do you think they’ll put a blooper reel at the end of it? I’d love that.”

Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted sex offender and socialite

“I am in federal prison for the sexual trafficking of minors, so I will not be seeing Dune 2.”

Emma Green, Stylist

“Dune. Hmm. Was that the one about the Oppenheimer guy?”

Denis Villeneuve, Director – Dune

“Man, I really gotta get started on this movie, huh?”

Harmony Carver, Child

“Will I be able to follow Dune 2 it if it’s the first movie I’ve ever seen?”

Candice Hodge, Postal Worker

“Let me guess, they’re making it more woke? Typical Hollywood.”

Bill Ward, Homeowner

“Why have you broken into my house to ask me about a movie’s release date?”

Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader

“I think… its…uh…”

David Zaslav, CEO of Max

Look at Zaslov, killin’ it as usual!