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“Video Games Don’t Make You Violent. I’m Like That All By Myself” — Our Exclusive Interview with Todd Howard

Bethesda CEO Todd Howard took some time out of his busy day working on the final touches to Starfield to sit down with us and discuss his process!

What Is the Worst Thing About the Games Industry Currently?

“I think it’s frankly obscene that Ice Spice hasn’t been added to Fortnite yet”

How Do You Come Up With the Ideas for Your Games?

“I do the same thing every big game designer does: I go to the gym and padlock myself in the sauna until I have a brilliant concept for a new game”

What Do You Think Video Games Will Be Like in 20 Years?

“It’s impossible to say for sure about graphics or plot, but I can 100% guarantee they will be in pill form.”

What Video Games Inspire You?

“I’d have to say the classics like Super Mario Sunshine, Eathbound, and ButtBall, a game I invented with my cousin as a child that if I explained the rules would make you puke.”

Is There A Game You Always Wish You Could Make?

“Dump Truck Driver 2. I have all the ideas and the capital for the sequel, I just still can’t crack Dump Truck Driver 1.”

Would You Ever Make a Movie Out of One of Your Games?

“We already have. Most people don’t know, but Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7 is based on Morrowind”

What Upcoming Projects Do You Have on the Horizon?

“I’m glad I can finally talk about this: later today I’m going to the park to taunt all the pigeons by eating a full loaf of bread and not sharing one bite”

Do You Think Video Games Make People Violent?

“Video games don’t make people violent, I’m like that all by myself”

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