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Top 10 Wii Accessories to Try in the Bedroom

In 2006, Nintendo debuted the Nintendo Wii, a groundbreaking console that quickly grabbed the world’s attention with its minimalist design, intuitive motion controls, and versatile capabilities. Along with playing exclusive Wii titles, the console also had the ability to run GameCube games through backward compatibility. Nintendo didn’t stop there, however, and continued to release various accessories that not only heightened the motion-sensing gaming experience, but also could actually come in pretty handy in a gamer’s love life. Here are the top 10 Wii accessories to try in the bedroom!

Handy Straps

These straps come in handy when things get serious. Consensually bind your partner’s wrists together with Nintendo’s official bondage straps!

Tennis Racket

Turn your casual playing of Wii Sports into a hot and steamy spank session. A tennis match where everyone’s a winner and the score is always love-love.

Steering Wheel

Drive your partner crazy with the Wii Steering Wheel. True Mario Kart gamers can play without it, but gamers who fuck can’t go without it.

Wii Fit

Don’t have sex on your Wii Fit. Why do you even still have that thing?

Wii to HDMI Adapter

There is nothing sexier than high definition gaming. The aphrodisiac of video game hardware, this adapter has led to countless conceived children.

Wii Baseball Bat

If you’re trying to hit a homerun in the bedroom, I suggest the baseball bat. Roleplay as Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe having statuesque 1950s intercourse with the motion sensing video game accessory of the future!

Wii Jacket

Alone? Use the Wii Jacket to do just that!

Wii Zapper

After a sexy playthrough of Link’s Crossbow Training, keep that Wii Zapper close by to penetrate your partner’s various orifices.


The Nunchuck’s lengthy cord makes it a triple threat in the bedroom. Whip it, tie it, and strap it down, the Wii Nunchuk is a modern day sexy Bop-It.

Wii Remote

This is the essential Wii adult toy that every freak needs in their bedside table. The iconic “Wiimote” can be anything your mind can imagine. A magic wand, knight’s sword, or a clunky robot penis, the possibilities are endless!