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The 8 Biggest Controversies in Gaming History

Every day there’s a new huge controversy that hits the gaming scene. Well it took months to compile, but here’s the 8 craziest times things got iffy in the gaming sphere!

Cain SWATs Abel

The first ever gaming controversy, the older son of Adam and Eve succumbed to jealousy and called in a SWAT team on his younger brother while he was streaming

Billy Mitchell 

The former ‘King of Kong’ shocked fans by revealing that a middle-aged man with a strange haircut and piano tie that’s obsessed with arcade games could turn out to be a shady character

When the Lights at E3 Suddenly Went Out and Came Back on to Reveal Ninja Dead in the Middle of the Convention Floor

With the room  filled with colorful characters, each with their own motives to off the blue-haired Fortnite streamer, a daring who-dunnit occurred during the E3 streamer panel

Jerma Leaves His Stream for 45 Seconds to Use the Bathroom

Fans were irate the popular streamer had the gall to pause the stream to selfishly get up and use the restroom.

When That One Gamer Did That Weird Sex Thing

This encompasses over 45 controversies in 2023 alone

PewDiePie Accidentally Massacres 6 Million Jews

The popular YouTuber certainly had egg on his face when he accidentally slaughtered six million Jews in what he claimed was just an ill-conceived joke

Spider-Man Puddles

Everyone got mad about the puddles in the Spider-Man game or something

Geoff Keighley Slits A Goose’s Throat Onstage at The Game Awards

Nobody knows how or why he did this to this day.