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The 40 Most Underrated Moments in Gaming History


May 22, 1987

Food Fight-mania is blamed on the largest public cafeteria foot fight in history, which takes place in San Jose, California. The horrific incident leaves over a dozen nice shirts ruined and one kid reportedly gets mashed potatoes in his backpack. 

June 11, 1997

Michael Jordan scores an incredible 38 points in Game Five of the NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz, despite being pretty preoccupied with his game of Doom II on the Game Boy Advance, playing it during timeouts and even sitting for an extended period of the third quarter to beat a Cyberdemon he was stuck on.

February 4, 1995

Rico Dalton, 9, reportedly gets so fired up playing 3 Ninjas Kick Back on his SEGA 32X that he receives an unprecedented 5:15PM bed time. The following day, the well rested Williams claims it was “totally worth it.”

December 12, 2003

John McCall crams for his driver’s license exam all night by playing F-Zero GX. He fails his test brilliantly the following afternoon, but by all accounts he has a really good time playing F-Zero the night before!

September 20, 2005

It’s crazy that nobody’s noticed this before, but this pivotal game later provides the first 20 MCU movies their plot, verbatim. Go back and play it, you won’t believe it. 

May 9, 1988

After completing the original Metroid and finding out he’d been controlling a girl the whole time, El Paso teen Lee Meadows punches what many believe to be the first gaming-related drywall hole in his childhood home.

April 7, 2008

Cruise Razorman, the cover star of the Razor Freestyle Scooter, goes on a ill-advised and short-lived high speed chase with police on the Los Angeles freeway. Unable to keep up with traffic on his scooter, the grisly footage sadly aired on most major networks.

October 17, 1993

Writer, director, and star of the Rocky films Sylvester Stallone impresses the world (and silences his naysayers) yet again when he single handedly programs the Cliffhanger adaptation that came out on several consoles. While not great, it’s really impressive when you consider Stallone made the entire game by himself in his trailer between takes.  


March 17, 2015

While announcing their new system, the Switch, Nintendo executives awkwardly insist that the entire development and five year lifespan of the Wii U were merely a “prank.” 

August 13, 2018

Speedrunner Matt Gibson (known for beating Leisure Suit Larry games using a controller that’s up his ass) completes the previous record for Playboy: The Mansion, ejaculating just 12.2 seconds into the game’s campaign. 

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