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Mario Power Ups Ranked By How Easily I Could Get Them Through Airport Security

I have had so much fun on my big vacation to the Mushroom Kingdom. I saw all the sights: Princess Peach’s Castle, Toad Town, Mario Kart Stadium, and I even took the ferry to Yoshi’s Island! Yup, it’s been a blast, but all good things must come to an end. Time to head to the airport… oh no! How am I going to get all these power-ups I bought through security? Let’s see which ones have the best chance of getting past the Toads working TSA. Yeah, they have TSA in the Mushroom Kingdom. Nobody said it was perfect!

#35 — Cannon Box

This is a gun. 

#34 — Poison Mushroom

You know those stories you read about cops saying they have to go to the hospital or need medical leave because they simply touched fentanyl? What if that was real. 

#33 — Drill Mushroom and Spin Drill

I think anything that will allow you to punch a hole in the bottom of the plane is a non-starter. 

#32 — Hammer Suit

“Excuse me sir, would you like to explain why you have several dozen hammers and a bulletproof suit in your bag?”

#31 — Super Star

Airport security loves things that are rapidly glowing and moving around, right? 

#30 — Fire Flower

It’s a bad sign for TSA when they grab your bag and it’s very warm. 

#29 — Bee Mushroom

They don’t allow you to have bees in here.

#28 — Cloud Flower

They won’t even let you have half a bottle of Dr. Pepper in your bag, I can’t imagine they’ll let you take concentrated water vapor through.  

#27 — Bubble Flower

You could maybe get away with this though if you can get it to fit in a Ziploc bag.

#26 — Ice Skate

Ok, I’m breaking kayfabe here for a second because I really want to know. Can you bring ice skates as carry-ons? They’re basically shoes with knives.

#25 — P-Wing

I hope disembodied animal parts are a cause for concern for security, just on a moral level. Like, what’s next, a dog’s leg? “Come on through.”

#24 — Propeller Box and Mushroom

I think you’d have a lot of trouble getting these to fit in the bin. Also, blades. But hey, if the plane goes down, you could at least kinda… hover back down to safety.

#23 — Wonder Flower

We have not invented an x-ray machine powerful enough to capture what the fuck is going on with a Wonder Flower. 

#22 — Elephant Fruit

They have those gruesome posters to dissuade poaching for a reason, you know. 

#21 — Rock Mushroom

Just do yourself a favor and check this. You don’t want to be carrying around a giant rock anyway. 

#20 — Spring Mushroom

This is going to be one of those things where there’s nothing on paper saying that you can’t take this, but the guy wants to feel powerful so he makes up a reason you can’t take it on the plane. 

#19 — Boo Mushroom

This thing is cursed and radiating evil but I don’t think there’s anything they can do to keep you from bringing it on the plane. 

#18— Power Balloon

I’ve been in a lot of lines at the Orlando International Airport where children are devastated they can’t take their Mickey balloons through. Just try not to cry in front of security in case it doesn’t work out, all right?

#17 — Boomerang Flower

It’s not a weapon, it’s an ornamental centerpiece!

#16 — Blue and Green Shells

I think these will be ok, just don’t drop them while trying to repack your bag and send them flying all over the place. Green ones bounce side to side, blue ones attack the pilot.

#15 — Frog Suit

We’re getting into the “animal costume” section of the list where I don’t think security will keep you from having this, but they’re definitely opening your bag to take a look.

#14 — Ice Flower

It’s cold enough that it probably won’t even register on their monitors. 

#13 — Super Leaf

If you’re going to Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia or Washington, you’re fine. Anywhere else? Maybe stuff it a little deeper in your bag, just in case. 

#12 — Penguin Suit

This one is going to be a bitch to try to fold back up after they open your bag. 

#11 — Super Mushroom

This one can really go either way. If it’s really busy, you’re probably fine. Just don’t eat it on the plane unless you sprung for the extra legroom. 

#10 — Carrot

Carrot render created by Peardian.

Should be all good for domestic flights, just make sure to declare it with customs if you’re going international. 

#9 — Mega Mushroom

No way this fits in the overhead compartment. You’ll get it through security and have to check it at the gate

#8 — Tanooki Suit

Maybe the most overtly sexual of the animal costumes. TSA will be making fun of you in the break room later. Not trying to yuck anyone’s yum but c’mon. They’re TSA. 

#7 — Kuribo’s Shoe

As long as you take it off before going through the metal detector, they will not care. 

#6 — Wing Cap/Metal Cap/Vanish Cap

Same goes for hats. 

#5 — Cape Feather

This is prime material for your backpack’s smaller pockets. You could also stick it in your wallet and it’d be fine, probably.

#4 — Super Acorn

If you want to carry a bunch of acorns in your bag, go ahead. You do you.

#3 — Super Bell

You’re just bringing home a present for a very special little guy who’s been waiting very patiently for their parents to get home.

#2 — Double Cherry

Take it from a guy who often buys a pack of Haribo Double Cherries at the airport, you’ll have no issues here. 

#1 — Mini Mushroom

Throw this in your bag and you might even have trouble finding it when you get home. Enjoy one on me, why dontcha!

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